As far back as I can remember it’s always been tradition to go out driving late at night to listen to music and enjoy the city we live in, my mom and I.
Over the years we’ve witnessed a handful of mind blowing things but nothing quite like what we saw tonight.
We were coming down Palm Valley Road about 2:30 a.m. A winding back road on the rich side of town. Old money, big houses. I was looking out the window up at the sky, playing Fugazi, and contemplating life; I am a person of habit. When my mom exclaimed “Look! A falling star!”
When the world shows me something beautiful, I make a wish on impulse. I always wish for the same few things.
But in that moment I made a wish that was entirely new.
What I saw next is an image I’ll take with me to the grave. I looked down to see a doe on one side of the road and a fox on the other. It was surreal. We passed and it was as if I left a small portion of my heart in that moment. There is so much beauty and mystery in the world. I hope my wish comes true.

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I’ve not touched my camera much in several months and that’s not okay with me. So I am no longer sharing any posts from instagram to this blog, and I’ve deleted everything I’ve shared in the past. 
Its time to get back to what this started as.

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Meeting a boy and watching his eyes light up as he’s talking to me because he’s realized that he likes me is a really beautiful thing.

But boys are awful and they hurt me.
They hurt me every time.

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I just want for someone to love me the same way I love them.

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